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Education — EMF Dangers

Graphic of the inside of a fiber optic cable

Why Wired Internet in the Home & Office Is Better Than 5G

The wireless industry claims that their technology is “of the future”, and wired infrastructure is outdated, less powerful and capable, and is not adequate for society’s future. This is nothing more than an advertising gimmick, and not remotely truthful. When critically evaluated, it is clear that the function of wireless is best suited as a peripheral adjunct, mainly for portability, to a basic localized wired infrastructure to every home and business.

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Graphic depicting the spherical protection diameter of the Blushield Cube, Plugin and Portable

Blushield Product Guide - Which Ones Are Best For Me?

Over the past 30 years that Blushield technology has been in development, a number of different models have been designed and manufactured to meet the widely varying needs of people in different situations.  How do you know which Blushield home and portable models are right for you?

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Image of a woman's cupped hand with water pouring into it

EMF Detox Strategies

Our top nutritional strategies for quickly and easily moving into a state of increased health and well being as we remove the stress of the EMF threat by entraining to Blushield’s natural fields.

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Graphic of a man looking at his phone with red waves coming from the phone, and his brain turning red

$30M National Toxicology Program Study Shows Cell Phone Radiation is Carcinogenic

The NTP, a legitimate government agency, performed the largest, longest study on cell phone radiation that has ever been done. This particular study was requested by the FDA for the NTP to carry out. The reason why the FDA wanted this study done was to assess, using animal studies, whether there is risk to humans from cell phone radiation.  What did they find?

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Graphic depicting the bad results of a cell phone study

New Proof That Cell Phones Are Not Safe

The Chicago Tribune revealed that they hired a reputable, FCC-recognized lab to test 11 popular cell phones for radiofrequency radiation. They used the same tests that the cell phone companies themselves use to test their phones to gain FCC approval. The results of these independent tests will raise many eyebrows: several of the phones tested considerably higher than the government safety limits they claim to be compliant with.

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Black and white photo of a woman's face side view with wireless headphones

Dangers of Bluetooth and Wired Headsets

The industry claims that the radiation output of Bluetooth is too low to harm health.  However, weak electromagnetic fields have been shown to be detrimental to health, especially when the exposure is long-term and constant, and in very close proximity to a vital organ.

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Artistic depiction of a scalar field

Scalar Energy and EMF - What You Need To Know

Scalar energy is considered, by the relatively few who know it exists, as potentially the greatest discovery in the history of science.  Scalar fields exist as the informational/non-physical component of all matter, but in this article we will be discussing them mainly in relation to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

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Photo of a sleeping baby with a pacifier right next to a wireless baby monitor

Baby Monitors, Smart Diapers, and EMF - What You Need To Know

One modern trend in child raising is the use of baby monitors to ensure the well-being of babies overnight and during nap times. Parents are constantly bombarded with information on sleep safety, SIDS, and newborn breathing issues, so naturally, they want to do everything they can to keep their baby safe. Unfortunately, most baby monitors produce continuous, high levels of microwave radiation, directly targeting your baby while they sleep, so the well-intentioned use of baby monitors can cause more harm than good.

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Graphic depicting retrovirus infection and the reverse transcription process

EMF’s, Retroviruses and Chronic Illness

The link between EMF’s and chronic illness, and even certain retroviruses themselves, has been established.  Incoherent electromagnetic frequencies make the body think it's being attacked by an invader, causing a perpetual ramped up immune response, eventually exhausting immune energy and allowing dormant retroviruses the chance to take over.

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Graphic with a 5G cell phone in the center, surrounded by cell towers and satellites, with 0 and 1 numbers in the background symbolizing information being transmitted|Artistic depiction of a house surrounded by 5G towers

Widespread Resistance to 5g Occurring in Europe and Beyond

Due to widespread doubts about its health and safety, a noteworthy resistance to fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) is occurring across Europe and beyond. On March 31st, Brussels (Belgium) became the first city to halt 5G rollout based on health concerns. For Brussels to accept 5G, they would first have to increase allowable radiation limit ordinances by 30-40%.

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