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Artistic depiction of a scalar field

Scalar Energy, Biology, and Consciousness

Transverse waves are not the only energy that makes up each electromagnetic field.  There is also a part of the field called the scalar component, also called a longitudinal wave.

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Photo of chaga mushrooms|Photo of chaga mushrooms|Photo of Shen Blossom freeze dried silver birch chaga|Photo of chaga mushroom tea|Photo of Shen Blossom freeze dried silver birch chaga

Chaga Mushroom’s Protective Effects Against Radiation Exposure

As humans living in modern times, since the advent of cell phones and other forms of wireless communication technology, we are exposed to the highest continuous levels of radiation since the beginning of our species. Many forms of radiation can have damaging effects on the cells, such as ionizing radiation from radioactive components found in nature as well as radiation from medical treatments and nuclear energy technology, and UV radiation from the sun itself. However, the newest, most pervasive and potentially the most harmful source of radiation we are exposed to on a daily basis is non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Those...

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Photo of Blushield X1 Pendant, T1 Portable and U1 Portable size comparison

Blushield Portables 101

If you’re looking for a strong portable to protect you from 5G while you’re out and about, it’s likely that one of our new dual band portables will be most ideal for your particular needs. Let’s talk about the differences between our four dual band portables, as well as our classic mono band white Portable.

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Artistic image of an astronaut in space with the C1 Ultimate Cube

Lloyd Burrell Interviews Blushield Founder Mark Langdon

Lloyd Burrell from Electric Sense interviews the founder of Blushield EMF protection technology, Mark Langdon. In this interview, Mark explains in-depth what Blushield is doing to protect the body from non-native EMF at the cell level.

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Photo of a young child with a laptop on lap, and shocked look on his face as he looks at the screen

EMFs Are Far More Dangerous to Children: How To Make Sure Your Kids Are Protected

Protecting children is one of the things we are most passionate about, as they are our future!

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Artistic image of an airplane flying through the sky with a neon "5G" in the sky

Cell Service Companies Prepare For 5G Expansion Amid Concerns From Airline Industry

The current plan is for AT&T and Verizon to launch their C-band service on January 19th at the earliest, considerably expanding their network coverage.  This plan is still a compromise for aviation and their radar altimeters, and they are now actively issuing notices and warnings of potential interference to all airports and runways that may be affected by the new spectrum launch.

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Image of a lightning storm over the ocean

What Are the Schumann Resonances & How Do They Affect Us?

There are many frequencies and frequency patterns that are constantly playing in the background within the atmosphere where all creatures live out their lives on this planet we call Earth. One of the most important groups of frequencies that play in the background of our lives constantly are called the Schumann resonances.

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Photo of a 5G tower overlooking a populated suburban area|Photo of 5G antennas on top of a building

How To Legally Reject New Cell Towers & Antennas in Your Local Area

Is there any way we can gain awareness of new tower and antenna plans in our local areas prior to their installation, and then have a say in whether they are allowed to install them within our municipality? Yes! It can be a bit complicated legally in some circumstances, but we each have more say in this than we think.

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Photo of a Volkswagen Beetle decorated with festive lights

Study Finds 3 Times Higher EMF Levels Using Cell Phones Inside Vehicles 

As the study results showed, the metal parts of the car’s frame and body panels act to block the dispersal of EMFs generated inside the vehicle. In free space, they would escape into the surrounding area, diluting their concentration. Inside a car, because the metal body will partially block external signals, it is more likely that your phone will have a harder time receiving a signal from a nearby cell tower, thereby ramping up the signal amplitude to a higher level to achieve a connection, increasing the EMF exposure of those inside the car by up to 400%.

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Image of a man in a suit holding a phone, which is radiating images associated with justice - a book, a scale and a gavel

Court Rules FCC Guidelines Are Not Proven Adequate in Protecting Health & Environment

Last year, we wrote about a major lawsuit related to the effects of radiofrequency radiation on human health and the environment. The FCC was challenged for refusing to update its grossly outdated and inadequate wireless radiation “health” guidelines that were established 25 years ago and haven’t been updated since. Earlier this month, the D.C. Court of Appeals made their final decision.

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