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Phi Series Φ1 Portable

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3m (9.8ft) radius

For use while out and about, during travel between stationary protected zones

All EMFs including wide band 5G exposure for use between protected zones

ABS plastic

3.5 x 1.375 x .375

Don't forget these...

The recently updated Φ1 Portable comes standard with our latest dual-band scalar output, which helps protect the body from modern forms of electromagnetic radiation, when used with a home unit as your primary protection. This model is the upgrade and redesign of our previous entry level, mono band Portable model.

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applied kinesiology

My doctor recently muscle tested me for the Blushield Portable, the pendant from Centropix and the combination of the Biosignature Emitter Medallion with the L90 Pendant from Vesica.

The portable was a little better than the $800.+ Centropix and a lot better than the Vesica combination. After all the things that we have tried (and spent a lot of money on) it feels good to have the best protection. I also recommend for people to muscle test first before buying protection.

Not as convenient as the one before.

How do you know if this works or not? It is for 5G . You have to charge it alot and have to charge it on something that doesn't have too many amps. So I turn it off when I go inside to save charge. Then I forget to turn it on. We have 2 Blushield in the house - a cube and a plug in. I don't know if these are effective against 5G or not.

Tony Martini
Keeps my calm in my stressful job

This device really works. I noticed a difference when I didn’t take it to work, and I was a lot more irritable and stressed that day. I am an electrical engineer, so I am around many computers all day. Sometimes my work requires me to go into sub stations.


I’m so grateful for Blushield’s technology. I feel peaceful and centered while carrying the portable device to meetings and events outside my home. Additionally, Blushield’s customer service is second to none. Every interaction has been incredibly positive. This is an amazing company!

Lisa Phelps

Phi Series Φ1 Portable