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Phi 3 Bundle Pack

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James Freeland
Buying everyone in the family one

My friend purchased this and when I stayed there I was impressed that over a week being around the units I felt great and started researching it I immediately bought the set and will get my family members them as well as for myself I do red light therapy at home and the watch is a must can’t wait to post more on it thank you for your products

Phi 3 bundle pack

I am loving my phi 3 bundle pack! We have our home mitigated as I am EHS and have done a lot of research on the harms of EMF but wanted protection to travel in my car and at a Drs office I am working at part time so am using the device at home to pair with it outside the home. I feel lighter ( sometimes EMF makes me feel heavy) and have a greater sense of well-being since getting this device and love being able to take it with me when I travel in higher EMF areas. My husband also recently added the phi3 to his work place. Highly recommend!

N. Alvarez
Worth every Penny

I am so glad I took the chance and ordered the bundle! Our Phi 3 and Phi 1 portables have changed our lives. The ringing in my ears, dizziness and severe heart palpitations were gone within the first 48 hours of receiving our blushields. My husbands insomnia improved drastically and my kids sleep better than they ever have. My husband was skeptical at first but now I don't even have to remind him to grab his portable in the morning. The only thing I would change is that I took the chance and spent the money sooner - Blushield has changed our lives and I am signing their praises to everyone who will listen!


Absolutely helps me and my family to destress and get a greats night's rest!

Brenda Brown
Blushield bundle pack

I haven’t noticed any difference, I have had a lump that I get in my throat that was there before and hasn’t gone away. I’m not sure it is from 5g though. I work closely to two huge towers.