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U1 Limited Edition

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5m (16.4ft) radius

For use while out and about during travel between stationary protected zones, especially in EMF heavy areas

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G, for use between protected zones

Black Matte Zinc Alloy

4 x 2 x 0.5

The U1 Limited Edition features the latest dual band scalar output configuration for optimal 5G protection. It is designed to be used when you are on the go between your primary protected zones.

Customer Reviews

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U1 Limited Edition

I am happy with my purchase. It seemed after the first week or so I just felt “better”, nothing real specific, but just better if that makes sense. I can’t afford a home unit at this point in time so I use this one at all times. The charge actually lasts a full 7 days. It takes a little over 4 hours to charge. I carry it in my pocket always or have it next to my bedside when sleeping. I would like to get a home unit one of these days, but for now this portable is my protection. I definitely recommend!

Feeling the difference with the Cube and U1 Limited Edition!

The first 2 weeks or so I felt more tired. After that my energy feels much better. I can be on my computer or around other electronics and not feel like I have to take a nap or two to get through the day. I like having a the U1 Ltd Edition so I can take my protection with me in my car and when I am at work - everywhere actually!


I’m not sure how to measure the effectiveness of the device but it is always plugged in and I carry the portable with me for the car and other venues.


U1 Limited Edition

Charles Soupios
U-1 is the best protection.

I have to use two U-1 units regularly to keep from getting sick from the unchecked frequencies in my neighborhood. I switch every time either unit needs to be recharged, which is why I'm glad they have on/off switches so I don't waste a charge when they're not in use.