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6m (19.7ft) radius

For use while out and about, during travel between stationary protected zones

All EMFs including general 5G exposure for use between protected zones

ABS plastic

3.125 x 3.125 x 1.25

Now you can have the strength of a Plugin in your vehicle! The Auto model comes complete with its own plug for a cigarette lighter found in most automobiles. The power consumption of the Auto is very small yet its effectiveness is far greater than you would expect. Small lightweight and easy to conceal, the Blushield Auto comes complete with double sided 3M Auto tape to enable it to adhere to any clean dry surface in your cab.

Customer Reviews

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Worth It!

We moved from the mecca of 5G towers in Austin, Texas to a small town in Massachusetts due to ongoing health issues with my mom. We had an entire storage unit filled with all of our belongings that we had to go back for. There was no way I wanted to drive though the mess of towers without my blushield! We already have the home cube and the pocket size one. :) So the auto blushield was the perfect edition to our trip. I tend to feel the pulsing of the EMFs in my ovaries and get very dizzy. It's not pleasant. Since 2020, I've learned that all those dizzy spells in box stores and while driving were due to EMF exposure. Having the blushield with us on the trip cross country made it so much more enjoyable. Everytime we start the car my boyfriend and I both find ourselves letting our deep exhales.

Cathy D.
What I wanted for so long

The Auto Blueshield is in my car and working. I have wanted one of these for my car for a couple of years now, and am thrilled I was able to get one!

Auto BlueShield really works

I don't have a lot to say about the auto device except that I do feel a sense of calmness when I use it. I used to really worry about the microwaves coming from traffic lights and whatever harm comes from the street lights. But now I don't worry about it.

Bonnie McGrath
Can drive longer without getting tired. Very effective!

Can drive longer without getting tired. Very effective!


I'm very sensitive to EMFs and needed a new vehicle for my growing family. All the new vehicles come with so many things that emit EMFs, so I bought this and it makes a big difference. The one time it got unplugged I noticed right away because I started feeling sick and getting a massive headache. Plugged it back in and after a short time I was back to normal.