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B1 Premium Cube

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90m (295ft) radius

For suburban/urban areas with moderate to high EMF

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

Aluminum Alloy

4 x 4 x 4.5

The B1 Premium Cube emits additional waveforms compared to the regular Cube to help the body recover more quickly from high levels of EMF (such as being in direct line of sight of a 5G repeater).

Customer Reviews

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Thomas K.
BluShield for the WIN !

Great product & wish I had bought it sooner

No change so far so we are neutral on the ratings

We have not noticed any change in the way we feel or sleep. We both continue hoping that the ringing in our ears will stop soon. Continue with an open mind.

shirley andrews
Full of hope

I’m believing that, in time, I will see a difference in my health, especially in regards to balance and insomnia.

Terry Dact El
No indication this is helping

We've had the cube for a few months now, plus the device for our car. I am home most of the time and if we do go out, I almost always stay in the car with my dog and the A/C on as it has been so hot here. So I haven't really been out of the "entrainment" zone.

We haven't noticed any health or mood improvements at all. In fact, my health and that of my dog have deteriorated although I don't have any reason to think these devices contributed to that. It's pretty disappointing as I was so impressed with the research Blueshield has done and spent a lot of money on the devices.

Thank you for sharing your experience with your B1 Cube. I'm sorry to hear you haven't felt any benefits so far! It's very likely still working to protect you from EMFs, even if you aren't able to feel it tangibly. While some people feel a difference immediately, or within the first couple of weeks, others may feel nothing at all, because the changes are happening at the cell level and many people can't feel that tangibly, similar to how most people can't tangibly feel the harmful effects of EMFs.

Some of our customers who are less sensitive to the perceived effects of healthy changes they make choose to do before/after tests on themselves with a practitioner who does blood testing or other types of health measurements. Some of our customers instead use a health measurement device called an Oura Ring, which measures and gives them feedback in their sleep cycles, heart rate variability, and other health indicators, and this is a way to 'test' the effects of Blushield at home on bodily systems that you're not likely to be able to feel tangible changes with.

For most people, though, it's enough to just feel the subtle differences, or just that peace of mind they get from feeling that they're protected! Some people may even notice differences over time, as the cells regulate, rebalance, and slowly improve in functioning. These changes can be subtle and may be easily missed as you adapt to feeling better gradually, since your point of reference changes over time. It's kind of like when a chronic injury or ailment heals slowly over a long time, and then one day it occurs to you that you no longer deal with a chronic issue you had for years, but you can't remember exactly when the issue went away because it happened so gradually!

mark brody
Good effect initially, then benefits disappeared

I felt an immediate boost in energy after setting up the cube. After about a week the benefits were no longer apparent. Whatever benefit I now have is far more subtle. In the first week I was thrilled. Now I'm not sure how much benefit I'm getting.