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U2 Premium Ultra

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90m (295ft) radius

For dense urban areas with very high EMF

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

Aluminum Alloy

5.5 x 4 x 1.5

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Christine Peterson
What a difference

I have been a user of BluShield products for several years, then 5G microwaves were turned on in my area and I needed more protection. The Premium Ultra has been the answer. Gone are my painful hip joints, brain fog, fatigue, among other things. The Premium Ultra, along with the T1 portable, have allowed me to return to a normal life. Thank you BluShield.

Kay Sheehan
Feels different

I felt an instant calm, took a nap after plugging the unit in. Since then, sleep has been better for everyone in the range. My daughter had an initial detox headache for 1.5 days and seems to have a better attitude and life approach and I never told her that we have the unit. She is the least healthy person in the house so she is my tester, without bias, at this time. The wifi is in her room, so this is the most significant person in the house to observe. So far, I keep seeing positive change in small increments.

Cleo Stacy
Hard to describe but everything is lighter!!

after literally 3 minutes of plugging the Premium Ultra in, both my husband and I felt a little nauseous, dizzy and a strong headache - so we KNEW it was working straight away!!!

We both felt better within only an hour or 2.

For the next couple of days we felt a bit odd, on and off, but the detox symptoms were expected and kinda welcomed - it was pleasing to know it was impacting us so fast!!

We live in east Nashville, TN, and the 5g is BIG. And with WiFi signals everywhere too, we knew we were being inundated with EMFs. Every time we go away to the beach, we feel relaxed, our bodies calm as we ground and spend time in and by the ocean. As soon as we come home we feel lethargic, heavy, and just a general “eugh, I’m not ok” feeling.

But now, honestly, that’s shifted.

It’s hard to say that the BluShield did all the work as I’ve been testing using new supplements, and doing some deep emotional work - but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these changes happened at the same time!!! When your energy system is ready to upgrade / rise, I’ve noticed I often have the impulse try a few new things, and have many things come into my life that support me in a way to live in this new lighter way!
All this to say - I can’t say that feeling constantly lighter and able to deal with my emotions is JUST from the BluShield, I can say that it’s almost certainly having a really positive impact.

I’m feeling lighter, more able to take actions, better sleep, more clear headed (less brain fog).

And my body is feeling like it’s giving me better biofeedback, I’m stress eating less!! I feel better in my body!


I believe in this line of products so much that I bought this model for my daughter’s house - she has a 5G tower close by. The person who recommended BLushield to me highly researches things so I trusted his judgment and bought a unit more than several years ago for myself-I love knowing we are protected from the bad frequencies and healthy ones are present instead. I know we are healthier because of it.
Becky Palmer

Shawn Melville
My Health Paradigm Has Shifted

I am 46 years old, I have been dealing with EMF sensitivities since I was 7 in grade 3. That's when I can remember it starting, sitting under those flourescent lights, getting headaches, stomach aches and nausea 2 or 3 days a week. I knew something was wrong. My parents took me to the doctor, who's expert opinion was I was “faking it”.

During the last 40 years, I increasingly experienced worse and worse symptoms. Of course, I did not understand what was happening, and the “experts” all determined I was a hypochondriac.

I can remember the worst of it, allergies, chronic sickness, digestive issues, insomnia... Everything worsened as I started experiencing gut-head migraines, auto-immune, exzema. The fatigue and lack of focus ruined my high school years, and by the time I entered the work force in my 20s the chronic illness and inflammation was leading me to depression and extreme anxiety.

By my 30s, my sympathetic nervous system was a disaster, always over revving, over heating. I was consistently over heating, even in the cold. I had no endurance and often crashed hard. My memory was not as good as used to be and I was desperate for answers.

The doctors all told me I had a mental disorder, but pills I did not want. The naturopaths all told me I wasn't eating properly, but all the alkaline water and supplements in the world helped me nothing.

This leads me into March 2020, when I had accepted that I was unemployable and I was using any energy and focus I could muster to care for my children while my wife worked. Then 5G activated in our town. My wife and I could not function, we could not breathe. Of course we initially thought we caught the COVID. This was the worst sickness of my life, and one of the only sicknesses my wife and children ever had, who were never sick.

But this is where it got bad for everyone. My wife started having all the symptoms i'd had my whole life. My children were suddenly low energy, anxious, nervous, depressed. By December 2022, I honestly thought we were all going to die. My wife could not get out of bed, or off the couch, someone with usually high energy.. We were both struggling to get up the stairs, out of breathe. Both experiencing heart arythmias, both of us at the same time?! The children were constantly off sick.

Are we sick? Yes. But it is surely not a cold or flu, nothing was helping. So I began my search for EMF mitigation. I must have looked at hundreds of devices or gadgets that said they'd help. I just wasn't sold. Then I called Blushield Canada and spoke to Clive Ord. After 10 minutes talking to him, I knew this was the solution for me.

I did not think about Blushield, I just did it. Something came over me, I had to have it. When the Blushield arrived, I actually started crying at the door. I was sobbing so much it was hard to set up.

When I did plug it in, I immediately felt the Love...

I felt a tingling under my skin right away. A pleasant feeling. When I went upstairs to my wife, she mentioned feeling the same thing, which is interesting, since I did not yet tell her I plugged it in. She then said she had to sleep and disappeared.

For the next 17 days, there was very profound changes, and I must say, at times there were intense detox symptoms which were not entirely unenjoyable, but I was happy to home for it. I highly recommend distill water to flush those excess electrons that accumulated in the body.

Day 18 I woke up as myself. Old Normal, perhaps? Although, in hindsight, I've always been extremely EMF sensitive and may never have known Normal...

• autoimmune gone
• chronic illness gone
• inflammation in ankles and chest gone, heavy cracking and tightness
• clear sinuses
• no tinnitus
• flexible
• alert
• require less sleep (more restful sleeps including more exciting and playful dreams)
• more stamina and endurance
• no brain fog, clear thoughts
• no anxiety or depression
• no heart arrythmias
• no eye strain, better vision
• able to work at computer for longer hours (not that I actually enjoy that)
• no more over active sympathetic nervous system... no more fight or flight... no more overheating... no more feeling like I'm obese on the inside.

The children now have no anxiety, no headaches and stomach aches, and are no longer missing school due to chronic illness. Insomnia has also been mitigated. The children take T1 personal devices to school where WIFI is in use.

This is the best money I ever spent, now my wife and I are spending our time living and working instead of convalescing and dying.

I've never said everyone needs anything, but everyone needs Blushield. Telecommunication frequencies are only increasing. People suffering from MF Poisoning is quickly growing from a minority to a majority of the population. And as long as people believe these recent rises in illness is because of “long COVID” or “POTS” or any other ridiculous reason, we will not ...