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X1 Pendant

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3m (9.8ft) radius

For use while out and about during travel between stationary protected zones, especially in EMF heavy areas

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G, for use between protected zones

Zinc Alloy with Chrome Finish

2 x 2 x 0.5

The latest in active 5G protection, the X1 is wearable EMF protection that contains the newest generation dual-band, multiple waveform scalar output for EMF protection at the cell level.

Customer Reviews

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Impressive customer service

This is a tight knit company honestly concerned with any problems you may have with their products. Also I feel very protected from EMFs with their products. It is important for all of us to defend ourselves from harmful EMFs. We live in a harsh world. I am very pleased and satisfied.

Disappointed in the product and the customer "service"

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product or company. I previously purchased a Blushield cube and had no negative effects. I purchased the Xi pendant with high hopes for portable protection. I found my EMF symtpoms worsened when using this product, including skin rashes, cardiac irregularities, and skin burning sensations to my extremities. My cat showed negative behavioral changes as well. The company REFUSED to honor a full refund, despite demonstrable health harms from their product. I was required to pay the 20% return fee, when it was their product that caused the harm. Sadly, I no longer recommend this company and am disappointed in the experience.

Hello Disappointed,
We are so sorry that you did not love the X1. If you already had a Blushield Cube and had been using it in your home, the X1 was not doing anything different and is not nearly as strong in terms of signal strength as the Cube, since it is only running off a lithium ion battery, not the mains power that the Cube uses. Your body was already entrained with the Cube, and the X1 is just an adjunct for when you are out and about, away from your home protected zone - in your case, where your Cube is.
I would be curious if there are any other things that were introduced in your lifestyle regimen/health around the same time as the purchase of the X1 that could be producing those symptoms, since you already had a Blushield prior to the symptoms showing up.

In regards to the return policy, we have to honor the manufacturer set policy - which is linked in the checkout for all of our customers to read prior to every purchase.

Chelsea Smith

I should have read other reviews first to realize how large this was (I also could have read the dimensions haha). It is far too large/heavy to wear as a necklace but I keep it in my pocket and do find it to be pretty convenient to have the chain on it. Charges quickly. Other reviews have said it loses battery life quickly but I have not noticed yet. I get about 2 full days out of a charge.


I'm a fan of this tech and have invested in it and recommended to my family and friends - we have a C1 at home and my husband has a T1 - both of which we are very pleased with and feel like it was money well spent. However the X1 is disappointing - it is heavy - too heavy to wear from my neck comfortably. I have to put it on a longer chain, as a woman who is blessed in the chest department, the X1 falls uncomfortably on the chain provided. Because the unit doesn't power off, it has to be charged daily and I've noticed that over the few months I've had it, that it's losing charge faster now (degrading faster than I would expect for the cost). It fits into my 5th pocket on jeans if I wear them and is a conversation starter if the light faces out (can be seen through most clothes).
Overall, I wish I had invested in the T1 or U1 for myself instead but it does work and do what it claims.