Meet The Team

photo of Brandon Amalani
Brandon Amalani, CEO Blushield USA

Brandon is a student of nature with interests and practices including herbalism, tai chi, traditional Japanese folk medicine, martial arts, and mind body fitness. Brandon enjoys his days running Blushield USA and Shen Blossom while loving life with his wife Natalie Amalani and two lively daughters.

He is passionate about sharing knowledge pertaining to health and wellness in order to help people grow to their full potential. Throughout his life, Brandon has always been a beacon of education in the field of health, cultivating lasting and potent connections. Brandon is also a gifted musician, focusing mainly on percussion with hand pans, drum kits and table tops.

Natalie Amalani, COO Blushield USA

Natalie manages all operations for Blushield USA and Shen Blossom. Natalie is passionate about natural living, honoring the vessels of our bodies and the earth. It is her great joy to share tools and herbs with the world that will enhance the life force and health in herself and others.

The wife to Brandon Amalani and mother of two darling girls, Natalie is a trained artist, a seer and a doer. She is a conqueror of obstacles and a powerful manifestor.

Ashlie Schuster, Shipping Operations

Ashlie is a soft soul with an eye for nature and an ever-shaping philosophical mind. Her passions are in exploring musical genres, health and wellness practices, travel, and spending time with loved ones. She carries with her an air of love and acceptance, enveloping those around her in a feeling of calm. Ashlie specializes in carefully shipping Blushield and Shen Blossom products and enjoys connecting with customers. She is very happy to have roots in this field, in which she truly believes is bettering human life in a rapidly changing world.

Courtney Taylor, Writer, Editor, Customer Support

Courtney is a nature lover, deep thinker, healthy lifestyle enthusiast, wife, and mother of her two wildling children (one preteen and one baby).  She enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, gardening, foraging wild edibles, high quality healthy food, off-grid living, traveling, reading, and homeschooling her kids.  She loves Blushield because it makes her feel some of the peace and inspiration of being in the wilderness even when she’s in a city!  She currently writes the articles for Blushield and some for Shen Blossom, and takes care of e-mail customer service. She has a gift for researching and self education and translates her knowledge beautifully to those she teaches. She is a true independent thinker and child of the earth.

Brian Miller, Customer Support

Brian is a philosopher of the union of heart and mind of ancient Greek Platonic/Socratic philosophy, with the emphasis in dream exploration and meditation. He is a cacao connoisseur and husband to his beautiful and magical wife and father of two wonderful and bright children. Brian is ever in wonder and curious about the nature of reality and the furthest reaches of the mind, and all things that support the nurturing and growth of mankind, as stewards of the earth. His voice for service stretches far beyond our customer service line. He has a gift for expressing compassion and support in all of his ways, and is a true gift to those who have the privilege of knowing him.

John Niernberger, Website

John is the Blushield IT wizard. He loves exploring, traveling, and taking long walks and bike rides with his dog Rayos. When he is not exploring pyramids in Egypt, he is building epic websites, coding, and watching Champions League soccer.

Koda Amalani, Company Companion

Koda is a fine young alpha whipador who protects her home and family with ferocity, and loves to tickle children with her gentle nibbles. She loves swimming in the lake, riding on boats, and running alongside rollerbladers. She has it out for the mailman, but charms all other visitors with her cute doggy smile. She especially loves John, the IT guy, and is currently planning their escape together. She thinks all other dogs deserve Blushield, as she knows the comfort of living in an EMF protected home.