Low Radiation Cap


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Low Radiation Cap

For those who are concerned about using a mobile phone directly against your head, but must do so for personal or work reasons, use this cap to minimize your risk. Be sure to have a portable with you when out and about, as this cap only minimizes the EMF direct to the head.

A 100% cotton twill exterior featuring 2 layers of silver cloth capable of reducing the RF to a lower level. This cap is not to be used in place of an airtube or Blushield product. This cap may reduce some of the headaches sensitive people get when they are exposed to mobile phone tower masts.

Using this cap can create a sense of quiet that we experience when the EMF is low or the power in our homes is off.


  • 100% organic cotton twill cap
  • Genuine leather Blushield logo
  • Fully adjustable with metal catch
  • Two layers of silver linen (high grade RF blocking fabric)
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable strap
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Wide brim to keep sun from eyes
  • Available in multiple colors


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