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Tesla Gold Series Induction Charge Portable


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Tesla Gold Series Induction Charge Portable

Tesla Gold Series Induction Charge Portable comes in a black ABS case featuring a rechargeable battery. This can be recharged using the USB power brick and wireless dock. This portable model is for use outside your plugin protected area and is not intended for use inside your home or office as a substitute for the plugin or larger models as it does not offer the same level of protection. This new higher output model is twice as strong as the white ABS model, and the battery will last 3 times longer.

The Portable is designed for short outings or travel between protected zones in order to keep one balanced and protected without experiencing the contrast associated with going from one protected zone to another. The Portable is not water resistant and needs to be in your pocket or purse and used between protected zones, not as a stand-alone protection device. When working out or you are in areas where moisture may be present, a plastic baggie may be used to protect the internal components of the Portable. The warranty does not cover water damage or damaged power buttons from being dropped. Tesla Gold Series Portable is great for people who travel a lot in electric trains or who drive electric vehicles. For protecting a large area the Tesla Gold Series Plugin model or the Tesla Gold Series Cube model would be better. Use the Tesla Gold Series Auto in your car or SUV.


  • Designed for portable travel protection
  • Wireless charge does away with any USB port
  • Airplane safe
  • Coverage 3m in every direction
  • Twice the signal strength of the Premium Series Portable and ¬†white Portable
  • Black ABS case
  • Size 100mm x 60mm x 10mm
  • Weight 50g
  • Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs
  • May reduce fatigue from EMF
  • Helps maintain a level of alertness
  • Enables restful sleep while travelling
  • Comes with USB charging cable and wireless charging dock
  • USB power brick supplied

Spreadsheet of BluShield product specs

How To Charge Your Induction Portable 

There is a coil in the charger and a coil in the portable device that need to line up in order to connect and transfer a charge to the unit. In order to line up the coil the portable needs to hang over the charger slightly (see images below). The light on the charging dock will illuminate solid red when charging, and will flash red and green when the charge cycle has completed. If a proper connection is not made, the light will flash red.  The dock will be an orange color when in standby mode.