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Blushield Book - EMF Health Impact & Strategies

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EMF Health Impact & Strategies

Blushield's Guide to Understanding and Navigating the Modern World of Electromagnetic Fields

Written and compiled by Courtney Taylor, Natalie Amalani & The Blushield Team

At Blushield USA, we have found that education is the most important part of what we do.  EMFs (and their harmful effects) are still misunderstood in the mainstream, and this book is designed to be a tool to help people navigate this topic. 

It is a culmination and compilation of over 4 years of our educational articles. We always strive to make this unavoidably complex and deep information as simple and understandable as possible, to make it accessible to all and easy to share with others.

The chapters are organized to be read both from start to finish, or by topic, as desired by the reader. It thoroughly addresses EMF related topics in a broad and comprehensive way, and includes deep dives into the electromagnetic spectrum, scalar/longitudinal energy, 5G explained, the many harmful health effects of EMFs, how to make healthier choices with EMF sources (including wired internet, EMFs in vehicles, cooking methods, Bluetooth headsets and baby monitors), and then concludes with sections on the nutritional component of EMF protection, and the completely vital mindset connection.

This book is an invaluable primer for those seeking to understand how to make healthy changes in regards to EMF, and to share this information with others. We hope it brings more health and vitality into the lives of those who read it.


Customer Reviews

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R Cooper
Wish I could buy the book cheaper in bulk for gifting...

This is the book I have been waiting for in terms of the clear explanations of the basics of the frequencies and the biological harms, etc. I wish that I could buy many copies at a much more discounted price to gift to my skeptical friends and especially my family (my entire family hums the la-la-la song when I speak of such things...). As a former internet publisher and health writer I did find that if a educational resource was also selling something, that did undermine the trust factor for some people but oh well...I also wish that all of these friends and family would buy blushield so we can all live long lives together on the same planet. So be it. Thanks for being YOU, Blushield inventors and team! Your products enable me to travel and mingle with highly irradiated people in insanely microwaved places.

Jeri Iversen
All the facts you need to know

The is a comprehensive and necessary study if you want to understand and respond intelligently to the risks presented by electro-magnetic radiation.