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Phi Series Φ3

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90m (295ft) radius

For suburban/urban areas with moderate to high EMF

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

ABS plastic

3.94 x 3.94 x 1.38

The Phi Series Φ3 is the strongest of our Phi Series devices. With a 6 sided, almost pyramidal shape, this table top model covers 90 meters in all directions, and is made of ultra durable ABS plastic. This model is the upgrade and redesign of our previous entry level, mono band Cube model.

Customer Reviews

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Thankful for the Protection

Before making the purchase, I did a ton of research. I'm a stay at home mom, so income is limited. I wanted to be sure I spent our money in wisest way possible to protect our family. Anyways, after hours of research and talking with Courtney from Blushield (who was really kind and helpful), I decided to purchase the Phi 03. After using it for 3ish weeks now, I can certainly feel a difference. I feel lighter... mentally and emotionally. Maybe even less anxious. My mommy brain fog has improved. Overall, I'm just thankful to have something to protect my family from harmful EMFs. I'm really hoping to purchase a portable unit soon for when we are on the go!

Anna DeLanzo
no difference

I put it in my bedroom and have not felt any difference in sleep or waking with aches and pains.
Also how can I turn off the light? I like to keep my bedroom dark.

Thank you for your feedback, Anna. You can cover the device or just the light with a cloth, or a piece of electrical tape, so it will be dark in your bedroom. The only downside to the tape is if you never see the light, you may not know if the device ever stopped working, as the light is the best indicator that it's functioning properly.

Another option is placing it in another area of your house, so the light won't affect your sleep. The protective field is the same strength across its entire range, so you will still have just as much protection in your bedroom even if the device is in a different room!

Regarding feeling the difference from using a Blushield, sometimes the differences can be subtle, and may occur in other areas than what you were expecting to feel. Sometimes sleep issues and pain are not primarily due to EMFs, but to some other factor in your life, as there are many things that can negatively affect sleep and pain levels, especially in our modern world! If the changes are subtle, they may be easily missed, especially if it's more of a gradual change over a longer period of time.

You are welcome to reach out to us anytime, if you need help with anything!

Lauren Geertsen
Greater tranquility

Over the last 10 years, I've tried numerous EMF-shielding options including an EMF bed canopy. But I’ve been in living situations where it was no longer practical to use the canopy. I also didn’t know about the scalar component of EMFs — the nonthermal aspect that can’t be blocked by faraday canopies. Further, I wanted a way to mitigate EMF exposure when I travel, in environments like hotels where there are heightened levels of EMFs. 

The first day I plugged in the Phi3, I experienced a noticeable shift in my home, a change in the energy towards a greater state of tranquility. I kept noticing it when I would enter my house, even though I had forgotten about the device. I started sleeping more deeply from the first night I started using it. The more I research the BluShield technology, the more I love the philosophy of not blocking out EMFs (after all, what we resist persists) but rather introducing harmonious frequencies into the environment.

Sally Smith
Didn’t Work

The device didn’t work at all and I returned it.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Sally. Based on your shipping address, you live in what we would consider a dense metropolitan area, with 108 cell towers and 700 antennas within a 3 mile radius of your home! As we have different strength home units for different levels of EMF density, it's important to have the one that's designed for the EMF density in your area, for optimal protection. The Phi 03 home unit is designed to provide optimal protection for areas with 15-80 cell towers and up to 200 antennas within 3 miles. Your area is much higher than that, and for optimal results, you would ideally use the Premium Ultra or C1 Ultimate Cube home units, which are considerably stronger than the Phi 03.

Please reach out to us at anytime if you want to try again with a stronger device that's more suited for your area! We are always happy to help.

It Helps Somewhat

I have waited for over 4 months to write this review, hoping that I would have something more concrete to report. I bought this Blushield with a deep hope that it would help me sleep restoratively. I did not notice an improvement, yet when I unplugged it for 3 nights I slept worse, so I have kept it plugged in and taken it on trips ever since that short experiment. I would like to get a personal device, but don’t feel confident enough to spend my limited money. I also don’t want to hassle with carrying something around all the time. I must keep my purse very lightweight and thus don’t even use a cellphone. I hope that smaller and less expensive personal devices will be created in the future.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Rene! You may not have a strong enough home device for your EMF exposure levels, which may explain why it's not working for you. The most accurate method we have found for determining which home and portable devices a specific person needs, based on the intensity of EMF exposure in their area, is by searching their address on This will show exactly how many cell towers and cell antennas are within a 3 mile radius of your home. Higher numbers means you're in a more urban, EMF dense area, and lower numbers means you're in a more rural area with less EMFs.

Our Blushield Product Guide goes into more detail, and was written to walk customers through the pretty simple and quick process of how to determine which Blushield is right for you!

The Phi 03 home device is designed to be effective in areas of moderately high EMF exposure, such as medium cities and suburban areas with 15-80 towers and 50-200 antennas. Based on your shipping address (if this is where you live currently), there are 322 cell towers and 594 cell antennas within a 3 mile radius of your home! The Phi 03 likely just isn't strong enough to protect from this level of EMFs.

Your area would be considered 'high to extreme' in terms of EMFs, as it's a dense metropolitan area. The most effective home unit for your area would be the C1 Ultimate Cube, or the new EVO Cube.

For a lightweight and low cost portable option, I would recommend the Phi 01 Portable. It is almost as light as a feather, and is also quite small. Being within the protective field more consistently (rather than going in and out of it) can also improve results for many people!