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Terri Neely
Amazing unit

This is a solid and amazing unit. I had years ago bought something from a different company to help with EMF. Bought whole house unit and button stickers for phones and laptops and other Wi-Fi things. However it was pitiful with terrible customer service. Essentially it was a fake. BluShield has such a great unit. I love their philosophy or using nature to block the EMF and 5G. It took a month for my body to harmonize with it and ignore the EMF and 5G. Sleep is better and overall I’ve noticed a calming effect. It’s a little hard to explain but I just feel so much calmer. I use the portable when I’m away from the house. Great product! Great service! Great philosophy it’s built on. Thank you.

Zhanel Zhazylbekova
B1 Premium Bundle Pack

I think I feel much better and feel like I am safe working at home in front of several computers and wifi in my apartment. I sleep better and wake up feeling much more rested.

Jeff Farrow

It’s a bit early to tell but I’m already sleeping better at night.


Helping with my symptoms.. anxiety, sleep issues and fatigue but not 100% relief.. I am hoping with time it gets better but this has made it at least manageable for at the house and out with the personal device

Loreal Payne

I live in an apartment with 2 power poles with 20 feet of the apartment. Immediately I could feel this shield of peace. Power poles never stop transmitting...they work 24 x glad I have something to help me. I am looking for more positive changes. Also very grateful for the sale price.