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T1 Portable

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5m (16.4ft) radius

For use while out and about during travel between stationary protected zones, especially in EMF heavy areas

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G, for use between protected zones

Zinc Alloy with Chrome Finish

1.375 x 3.125 x .25

Don't forget these...

The T1 is recommended for use outside your Blushield home protected zone, and like all of our portable EMF protection devices, is not a substitute for a home unit. For those demanding the best possible EMF protection on the go in a small package, the T1 cannot be beat!

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Very Good Device

We bought this almost a year ago and we are getting ready to buy another T1 plus a unit for our home. It is very durable and it does the job. I also really appreciate the excellent customer service Blushield always provides. They are very patient and continue to answer all of our concerns and questions.

Lori Krauss

I bought the U1 when it first came out. Love that one. Then saw the T1. Smaller, lighter to carry on me. Love the sleak silver case. And of course it works great to balance my energy while on my cell phone. Love this company!!!

Christine Peterson
Able to get out and about

The T1 portable has allowed me to return to a normal life without suffering the affects of the 5G microwaves from the cell towers when outside in the city. No painful hip joints, brain fog, among other issues. I’ve paired it with the Premium Ultra at home and I am completely protected. Thank you.

Amanda Stallings
No more headaches when in town!

This little gem is worth it. I take it with me when I leave the house to run errands and I can thankfully do that now without buzzing and headaches!

Sandy Kaat
perfect for on the go!

we keep our T1 in my purse and bring it whenever we leave the house! my son always wakes up during our late 2 hour drive home from my sisters and for the first time he slept the whole way home with our T1 on 🙌🏽