I am electro hypersensitive and I have tried other portable devices and also stones but they didn’t work for me. With the Blushield I feel more relaxed and balanced and it improves my ability to concentrate.

What really fascinates me was the reaction of my horse and ponies when I first had the device on me. I put my horse in the meadow and was arranging her hey, but she kept a few meters distance and had this strange, investigating look in her eyes. Normally she starts to eat right away. Then she came towards me and put her nose to my pocket where I had the Blushield. She stood there for a few seconds before she started eating her hey. Then I put my two ponies in the meadow and they usually run away when I let them go, but they kept standing with me and also put their noses to my pocket. So clearly they feel the Blushield and find it pleasant. Horses are flight animals so if they don’t trust something their first instinct is to run away.

I recently also went to a family to measure emf with my Gigahertz HF-meter. The woman I spoke with mentioned that their dog was less hostile to me than to other strangers. So I think that also must have been because I was carrying the Blushield.

The reason I noticed that the battery was flat was actually that I started to forget my Blushield and I even couldn’t find it last Sunday. I normally never forget it, which also is an indication for me that it works. Other devices that I had and stones I forgot to take with me all the time.

H Vercammen, Holland

I live in a building with a cell phone tower on the roof, I was unable to sleep because of this. It was like a fatigue was overtaking my entire body. Once I received the Blushield portable and plug in, I immediately implemented them. Now I am feeling much better and am able to sleep in my apartment for the first time in a week. I was able to sleep for more than five hours.

I also notice an instant difference if I step out of range of the portable when I am at work.

It’s like a storm of painful sensation has abated. Many thanks for the great product and all your help.

A Hayward, Saudi Arabia

It appears that the body is responding to the Blushield allowing the body to ignore more stressful environmental frequencies emitted from electrical devices, including mobile phones.

Dr WJ ReaTexas, USA

We started using the Blushield devices at home and Mum’s 3 day headaches ceased altogether. From months and months of headaches that actually made her throw up, to nothing within a few hours and she’s now been fine for several weeks since.

That is life changing for her and she is someone who has a very high tolerance for pain/discomfort.

Via Fairdinkum Radio, Australia

I installed a Blushield in my office at the BOP Polytechnic, as my office is next door to several computer network servers with plenty of electrical fields.

I was introduced to the Blushield as it was seen to reduce the stress associated with electrical fields etc. I got one and plugged it in for two weeks. It seemed to make a difference but I wasn’t quite sure or convinced. To really test it, I unplugged it for a couple of weeks to see if there was any change. Over time, I started to feel snappier and more irritable. I also felt it was harder to focus on my work. After the two weeks were up, I re-installed it. It took a day or two, but my mind cleared and I no longer felt stressed out, and it has been good ever since! I’m not going to unplug it any time soon! I definitely recommend the Blushield!

B Bullas, New Zealand

My work in a professional video production involves me spending long periods surrounded by electrical appliances, computers and industrial VCR’s etc. In addition, my office is right next door to a cell phone transmitter tower. Last year I was becoming increasingly fatigued and was suffering from a loss of concentration while working. A business associate and friend suggested that electrical fields could be a factor and that a device called a “Blushield” may be worth trying. A Blushield was duly installed in my office. Ten minutes later I suddenly realized there had been a profound change in the atmosphere of the room. From a vaguely ‘prickly’ feeling the air conditioned room had somehow become fresher feeling.

M Maunder, New Zealand

We just launched another shuttle tonight and I went through an evening of stress without “going down the tubes”. (I still have energy and am not tired). There is still some effect on me from the EMF in these areas but the improvement in the last two days is amazing. The first day I noticed that the leg cramps were mostly gone.

D Watkins, JPL, NASA

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have the Blushield portable, here are the thing’s I’ve noticed in 6+ months of use:
– One thing’s for sure – I haven’t had one single headache since I bought it.
– And even though there are many reasons, this has been the happiest year for me that I can remember.
– I don’t have any random pains anymore. Nothing.
– I have a lot of energy and my mood is basically great all the time
– I can work on the computer as long as I care without getting pains and headaches
– My waking up process isn’t a total hell anymore. I can get up without tremendous effort.
– I don’t wake up at night at all from what I can tell – I sleep like a rock. I don’t snore. I don’t change position much at night.
– I can breathe very well, I don’t get exhausted from running like I used to.
– The only time I got very ill was just recently, autumn fever + sinusitis and yes, it was one of those very rare occasions I didn’t have Blushield with me at that time. Funny.
– I believe Blushield helped a lot when I was on antibiotics (it was my last choice, nothing else seemed to help, if even that) because of sinusitis.
Thank you for your amazing product

K OjalaHelsinki, Finland

“Most people do not want to change in regards to their use of wireless devices. ‘Just give me the magic needle to take my pain away, or make me fertile after years of abuse.’ So when I speak about this subject, it mostly lands on deaf ears…overload is happening. However, with the several patients that bought the Blushield products, it’s like witnessing a domino effect of better health. Pulses changes for the better, complexion is improved, there is much more emotional stability and less addiction tendencies. It’s almost as if they have had successful therapy and realized the change.”

R.M.D., Dipl. Acu. (Diploma of Acupuncture)

Your Blushield works wonders.

I come to know your products from my friend who is a club lifeguard. At first, I was sceptical, however I am now convinced. My wife suffered asthma for some twenty years, now she doesn’t need an inhaler at all. All symptoms related to asthma are now completely gone. Her doctor was surprised; we did not tell him it was due to Blushield, for fear of being ridiculed. I also feel more energetic, some days I was even able to lift weights at my gym club even when I had only slept for a few hours the previous night.

My staff are feeling more relaxed and are not as stressed out as before. Thanks to your wonderful device. I have recommended Blushield to my uncle and aunty who are having health problems. I will definitely introduce others to your wonder product. The money I spent is well worth it, and the cost is very reasonable.

Victor Tan, Singapore

“Most people do not want to change in regards to their use of wireless devices. ‘Just give me the magic needle to take my pain away, or make me fertile after years of abuse.’ So when I speak about this subject, it mostly lands on deaf ears…overload is happening. However, with the several patients that bought the Blushield products, it’s like witnessing a domino effect of better health. Pulses changes for the better, complexion is improved, there is much more emotional stability and less addiction tendencies. It’s almost as if they have had successful therapy and realized the change.”


I LOVE your Blushield devices. I bought mine 2 months ago, and have noticed remarkable changes to my health. My sleep is much better, and I no longer wake with a tired, foggy brain. My energy levels have rebounded, despite years of supplements and natural health treatments for low thyroid and low adrenal, which I suspect were a symptom rather than a cause (EMF) of my fatigue. I live in the north close to Canadian border, and have to start my tomato & eggplant seeds under grow lights because our gardening season is so short. My 10 week old plants look like 14 week old plants, if not older. They are lush, early to flower, and very happy. I’ve noticed birds and butterflies hang out at my place, too. So that’s a quick testimonial! Your products are amazing!


Hi! I love using Blushield. I wanted to thank you for offering the hats too. I just ordered one and used it in Chicago, along with the portable. Normally when I go to a big city like that it feels like there’s a pressure on my head and all kindsa static. I wilt and tire easily and by a few hours there I’m ready to run to the hills because it’s so grating on my nerves. But with your hat and portable I was able to stay in my body and I didn’t tire, it was calm inside and I had a more normal experience while in the big city. I told my partner that I wasn’t taking it off no matter how goofy I looked. It’s urban armor for sensitives! This is huge for me. Thank you so much!


I can certainly highly recommend having a BLUSHIELD in every household. Being a Yoga Teacher for over 50 years,  I have reaped the benefit from it in my personal health and in my classes. Several of my yogis have now purchased one, and I have been asked to talk a little more about it. 

I just wanted to drop you all a line and let you know the Blushield devices are working.  They are changing my life rapidly.  I’m experiencing things I’ve not been able to do in 2 to 3 years.  Thank you!  I’ll keep you posted on my progress as I’m sure my health will continue to improve.  I really wanted you to know how much your work and these products mean to me and my family already.  
Victoria Lawrence

I have 2 devices the Tesla gold portable (first purchase, owned and carried every day since one year now) and the Tesla gold plug-in (bought 3 months later). This technology has literally been a life-changer for me. I was suspicious of Wi-Fi bringing me down during my “return to studies” in computer programming. One year into the studies I was finding my concentration levels dropping and my anger levels rising so easily.

I took a vacation for two weeks to a house with only one distant weak router (we used mobiles at the table outside and always had weak connections) and upon return to college I was feeling fantastic and refreshed from my holiday! I sat down for my networking class in a room of around 15 wireless laptops, 2 Wi-Fi access points, many routers (not Wi-Fi) and switches. About 30 minutes into the class I had a horrible attack of nausea, dizziness and what I can only describe as feeling like my brain was being twisted! I am a healthy man, 34 years old, I run, swim, cycle, do yoga totaling at minimum 6 hours a week, I eat GMO free apart from meat (too expensive) and NO processed foods or dairy. This for me was 100% conformation that I am EMF sensitive, I do not care what any doctor (I use naturopathy now anyway) or government study says! (The results of using this tech is even more conformation).

I searched the internet for a solution and found Blushield. Being a student (“return to studies”) the cost was a risk but I’m so thankful. I had received and used the product for just over a week (without telling my partner) and one night after a few days of feeling better I couldn’t sleep because of euphoria! I declared this to my partner and told her about what I had bought, and she said she had noticed how I’d been in such a good mood recently (she was skeptical about my Wi-Fi suspicions). To put it short (as this review is one of the first in my life and is getting rather long) my life quality has improved tenfold ever since!

I don’t think I need to say any more apart from everyone’s EMF tolerance is different and although I carry the portable whenever I’m out the house I still start to feel uneasy after around 3-4 hours close proximity to a laptop communicating with an access point (my mobile phone don’t seem to be too bad although I use mine for less than 20 calls or texts a week and is not close to me while in the house). I hope it works as well for every other customer. To Blushield, thank you so much.

Adam, Canada

I’m a Nutritional Consultant, Natural Health Practitioner who has researched and studied EMF a lot after becoming sensitive myself. I purchased your Home Pak last fall and have also recommended it to others and will be even more after having positive experiences with it (and some that felt bad but turned out good).

I’d like to share it with you as it is something you should be aware of since others may experience it – esp those who purchase the stronger units.

To give you some background:
Dr Klinghart (one of the foremost experts in this field teaches that unless you first protect yourself from ElectroSmog – specifically microwave radiation what cell towers are emitting everywhere – the body CANNOT detoxify and clear Heavy Metals (HM) because it (EMF) inhibits the very enzymes that are needed for detoxing!! (so does mold, BTW). Rather, you become an antenna for EMF radiation, Wi-fi etc.
Furthermore, viruses attach themselves to HMs and pathogens use it to protect themselves – use it in Biofilms – bunkers in which they hide! So you also can’t detox from pathogens.
However, if the stress of the radiation is removed, then the body automatically starts detoxing HMs (if not living in a moldy enviro) and if the body can release HM’s safely then the IS can deal with pathogens and chemicals better (in fact many viruses will leave with the metals).
I’ve been experiencing this over the last few months after we got the Blushield plug-in device in our home!

I had been wearing a Bioshield from Biotronix Research Instruments for around 10 yrs and really noticed the difference initially. Lately feeling it wasn’t strong enough anymore for all the added layers of wi-fi radiation of recent years.
So I purchased a BlushieldUSA device and noticed initially that everyone was a little calmer, also sleep improved somewhat. A couple months into it I started experiencing strong tingling, pickled brain, inflamed, hot head, pain, and brain fog, bone aches…. Then I was tested and found out that my body is detoxing heavy metals! Just on its own, it started doing that! but since I was somewhat constipated and not taking anything to bind the Heavy Metals, they were recirculating and creating symptoms. I then started taking HM binders and fiber to keep it from recirculating and to get it out of my body and the tingling decr and my brain began getting clearer!

So people need to be made aware of this…


Marguerite Brink

Nutritional Consultant

My name is Lars Gustafsson, I’m the founder and CEO of the BodyMind Institute and the UEXL Institute.  

My career and passion for health and wellness products, technology and strategies started 25 years ago, and these days with our Board Certification in Nutrition I am seeking out the guidance and partnerships with magnificent companies like BluShield. 

Within the first night of installing the BluShield home device, my Mother (80 yrs old), started to sleep normally (5-7hrs a night).  She had not slept more than 2-4hrs a night for the last 20 years!  

Lars Gustafsson, CEO of BodyMind Institute

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The Dangers of EMF's & How Blushield Technology Works

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