Live Blood Cell Analysis


The test below involved a male, in his mid thirties that was in constant exposure to high levels of EMF. Like many men these days he was in close proximity to electrical equipment all day and spent a lot of time with computers and game consoles. On top of this he had a very poor diet and did not exercise.

The subject was given a Blushield Portable to carry around with him at all times. A Blushield Plug-in model was also installed at his home and was kept going 24/7. No other changes were made to diet or lifestyle during the testing period which was from 11th January 2012 till the 14th of March 2012.

Blood Tests – Before Blushield


The red cells membranes are ghosting (exploding) due to their weakened state. Red cells are literally disappearing while being watched during live blood analysis

Blood Tests – After Blushield

Within 2 months the red cells have notably stronger membranes and fewer parasites. Despite the subject having a cold there is a marked improvement in blood quality.

Blood Tests – Before Blushield

There is a lot of parasite and crystallisation taking place in the blood. Red cells are also bunched together and are of irregular shape.

Blood Tests – After Blushield

Crystallisation has ceased and the red cells are of a more regular shape and distribution. A remarkable improvement despite no change in diet or lifestyle.


“High levels of inflammation and oxidation may relate to your lifestyle/occupation or diet.”


“Extremely reduced levels of inflammation and oxidation are amazing considering you have not changed your diet or lifestyle/occupation and had a cold.”

Lymphocytes went from 25 to 15 showing a normalization of the immune system. This is reflected in the blood. Obvious changes are apparent and the walls of the blood cells have normalized within a very short period of time. This was very noticeable and very surprising to the tester.

The Dangers of EMF's & How Blushield Technology Works

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