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Phi 2 Bundle Pack

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Monica McMurry

Enjoy duo pack for home and for travel.

Theresa Santina
A lifesaver for EMF Concerns!

As a mom and wife navigating the digital world, i couldn't ignore the impact of electromagnetic radiation on our whole family. This little device is a game-changer! It's super cute and fits seamlessly into our living space. since incorporating it into my daily routine, I've noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and overall focus. My daughter no longer complains of random headaches, so that its self is a huge win! I am so thankful for this amazing product!

Dorene Bontrager

Phi 2 Bundle Pack

Subtle shifting

I have deployed the Phi 2 and am carrying the Phi 1 with me when away from home. There is a very sublte shift ( uplifting bliss) strengthened in the background (sustaining carrier wave) of my field and activity. I have checked and continue to evaluate the merging of Blushield emanations with other devices and measures which are already in place. There does not appear to be interference and there is indication of coherence with other modalities or crystals and earth grid tuning. I will be continuing observation and testing, but with the intention of orchestrating a symphony of beneficial fields. Any comments and observation is welcomed and needed. It is important to note that the raw / sacred carrier waves of creation are by their nature and power quite receptive and subject to intention.

Vasile Tiron

Love it