Photo of U1 Portable U1 ULTRA PREMIUM PORTABLE Designed for portable travel protection
Premium portable in Aircraft grade alloy case
Airplane safe
Coverage Area 10 meters in diameter
More Info $499
May boost immunity to viruses
Assist to increase energy levels
Better quality sleep
Improved quality of life
More Info $1299
THE ULTRA 4G & 5G Protection
Extreme Protection
May boost immunity
Assist increase energy levels
Better quality sleep
More Info $899
THE CUBE 4G & 5G Protection
High Level Protection
May boost immunity
Assist increase energy levels
Better quality sleep
More Info $599
THE PLUGIN $299 4G & 5G Protection
Easy Installation
May boost immunity
Assist increase energy levels
Better quality sleep
More Info
THE PORTABLE Portable Protection
Travel companion
For coverage between protected zones
45 & 5G Protection
30 day battery
More Info $199

Home of official Blushield EMF protection technology.

Blushield is a revolutionary form of EMF protection that produces coherent frequencies within the human responsive range, based on mathematical algorithms that mimic nature. It emits frequencies using the same power sources as manmade devices, which creates active, powerful fields. It is essentially “loud” enough to compete against the biologically incoherent non-native EMF fields, so it vastly outperforms the protective devices with weak, passive fields that don’t use a power source.

Instead of attempting to block EMFs, which is ineffective or suboptimal for various reasons, Blushield essentially overpowers non-native EMFs with resonant frequencies. If there are harmonious frequencies in our environment that match or exceed the power of the inharmonious frequencies, our bodies will prefer and attune to the harmonious frequencies through a process called sympathetic resonance. Like attracts like. Tuned into the natural, healing Blushield frequencies, our bodies no longer perceive the non-native EMF’s as a threat, and our immune system begins to restore itself. Our bodies can rest and heal.

Blushield emits scalar waveforms that never stimulate your body twice with the same combination of frequencies at the same amplitude - mimicking nature, but much more powerfully. Blushield’s coherent field overrides all ambient EMF fields, including wireless radiation. Blushield’s multiple waveform output is the most sophisticated EMF protection to date, and is engineered to achieve maximum effectiveness for all living creatures.

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