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Phi Series Φ3

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90m (295ft) radius

For suburban/urban areas with moderate to high EMF

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

ABS plastic

3.94 x 3.94 x 1.38

Customer Reviews

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Tee E

After plugging it in, I noticed results within minutes. I felt more at peace. Less headaches. I'm so grateful for your company and the amazing products you have! I have the portable too so I am protected against emf and the awful frequencies wherever I go. Thank you so much!

Great purchase!

I purchased the Phi Series 03 back in July. I noticed a difference the same day. I'm sleeping much better and have more energy throughout the day, and my thinking is much sharper - and that's a big deal for someone in peri-menopause, which can affect all three of these factors.

Lisa Francis
Blue Shield makes a difference!

My husband and I are both sleeping much better, and the numbness and tingling that I have had ever since 2020 has greatly diminished!

Toby Schindelbeck
Not really sure it works...

I bought this after listening to Jay Campbell interview the owner, and it sounded great. I definitely am aware of the harmful effects of EMFs and have been looking for ways to mitigate them. I bought this box and 2 of the square metal personal units- I wear one around my neck and my wife keeps hers in her purse.
After spending over $1300 I have really been trying to find ways that I feel better, less brain fog, etc etc…. but I honestly haven’t noticed much at all. It is not the product or results I was hoping for, it seems. I’m pretty disappointed.

Thankful for the Protection

Before making the purchase, I did a ton of research. I'm a stay at home mom, so income is limited. I wanted to be sure I spent our money in wisest way possible to protect our family. Anyways, after hours of research and talking with Courtney from Blushield (who was really kind and helpful), I decided to purchase the Phi 03. After using it for 3ish weeks now, I can certainly feel a difference. I feel lighter... mentally and emotionally. Maybe even less anxious. My mommy brain fog has improved. Overall, I'm just thankful to have something to protect my family from harmful EMFs. I'm really hoping to purchase a portable unit soon for when we are on the go!