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Blushield Portable Pouches

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Protect your Blushield Portable with our leather style pouch. Built to last, you will prolong the life of your Portable when you accessorize, helping to prevent your Portable from being scratched, or if dropped it will protect it to a large degree.

The pouch will also prevent the Portable from being turned off inadvertently, if the Portable is inserted button-first.


  • 3 sizes for your Portables - Large will fit the U1 First Edition, Premium Portable and white Portable / Medium will fit the U1 Second Edition / Small will fit the Phi 01 Portable and T1 Portable. 
  • High quality durability made to last
  • Will not block the Blushield signal
  • Available in Midnight Black and Sky Blue
  • Extra protection for your Blushield Portable

**Blushield Portable is not included in your purchase of Blushield Pouch.

Customer Reviews

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Depends on which model you have!

If you have a T1, this fits great. But if you have a Phi 1, it’s not long enough to cover the whole device. This pouch is made well enough that you won’t injure your T1 if you drop it, but with the Phi 1, it’s 50/50. Ultimately I would like to get a new longer one sent to me, or a refund for one of the cases that doesn’t fit. We’ll see how their customer service department handles the situation.

Thank you for sharing your experience with your portable pouch! In the photo you posted, is the portable placed 'top down' into the pouch, with the button facing down and the lanyard notch facing up and outside of the pouch? This is what we recommend in most cases, because the pouch will then also protect the power button from accidentally being turned off by something else in your bag, as well as prevent dirt from getting into the charger port and the slot around the power button! Since the Phi 01 Portable is very lightweight, there won't be much force if it does happen to be dropped, so the lightweight nature of the device minimizes potential damage anyway, and the pouch will just add another layer of protection to a device that's already unlikely to be damaged from dropping. The best function of the pouch for this portable is to prevent dirt buildup inside the charger port and around the button.

Please reach out to us at if there's anything else we can help you with!

Karen Jacobs

Horrible waste of money

Constructive Feedback 😊

Purchased the black pouch to protect my T1. Good quality & looks good but it needs to be a tad smaller/snugger as my device easily slips/falls out all the time. Which defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.

May A.
In need of added security.

I have been keeping my T1 Portable in the lovely pouch that i purchased for it so that it would be protected, but it slipped right out and fell to the ground anyway! I think that there should be a snap added to it to ensure that doesn't happen. It defeats the purpose of trying to protect it. :(

Hi May! We are sorry that it slipped out and totally agree that a snap would be great! We have forwarded the request to the manufacturer and hope we will see a new design in the future.

Very good

Very good case. Serves its purpose. I suggest sticking the device with buttons down into the case (if yours has buttons or ports) but be advised you still cannot drop the device. This case will not prevent a break in a fall probably. You need to really be careful with your device but this case helps prevent scratches and dust to get into ports. I suggest If you’re really trying to be safe then get this leather slip in case plus a soft case for a mini Jump Drive. Then you will be really protecting your investment.